Pursuing the highest standards of professional excellence.

Valuing collaborative work, without prejudice to a
sustainable meritocracy.

Incentive to the constant development and valorization of
academic and extracurricular activities.

Respect for professional ethics.
Preservation of an informal and inclusive environment that
favors learning and knowledge sharing.

“One Firm” mentality, where the economic stimuli of
our partnership aims to align the partners
in the search for the result.


The provision of legal services with excellence depends directly
the Office's ability to select, train and develop the
best talents available in the market, always with the expectation of
that will become a reference in the office and in the market.

Learning and Development
We believe that it is essential that such talents are inserted in a
work environment that encourages learning and development,
at the same time, when they are working on a project, in a way that
who can have a full understanding of the work, its purposes and ends,
making its contribution to each Client tangible.

Career Plan, Feedback and Assessment
Growth is encouraged with a career plan that values
collaborative work and, at the same time, rewards performance
exceptional. This growth is closely monitored by the partners and senior associates, with constant feedback and half-yearly performance evaluation, with clear requirements and metrics aligned with what is expected of each employee.

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