Our Culture

  • The highest standards of professional excellence;
  • Respect for professional ethics;
  • Appreciating teamwork without prejudice to sustainable meritocracy;
  • Incentivizing constant development and recognizing academic and extracurricular activity;
  • Cultivating an informal and inclusive atmosphere that favors learning and sharing knowledge;
  • “One firm” mentality in which our partnership’s economic stimuli ensure alignment between partners in pursuit of results.

Our talents



Our ability to deliver excellent legal services directly depends on the firm’s selecting, training and developing the best talents available, in every case expecting they will become benchmarks for the office and the market.


Learning and

We believe it is crucial for these talents to be involved in a workplace atmosphere that stimulates their learning and development. When working on a project, they must fully understand the issues and aims and purposes, thus making a contribution for each client.


Career Plan,
Feedback and Assessment

Our firm incentivizes growth through career plans that recognize collaborative work while rewarding exceptional performance, too. Growth is closely followed by partners and senior associates with constant feedback, twice yearly performance appraisals based on clear items and metrics aligned with our expectations for each member of our team.

Submit your curriculum

We have a lean and highly specialized team with individualized solutions, providing greater learning and professional experience.