In the tax area, FreitasLeite provides consulting services, tax planning and administrative and judicial litigation.

Consulting and Planning

  • Tax advisory for various business segments;
  • Legal consultancy to individuals and companies, domestic and foreign, in the interpretation and application of federal, state and municipal tax laws;
  • Analysis, structuring and implementation of tax planning;
  • Tax assistance in corporate transactions and in Financial and Capital Markets;
  • Analysis, structuring and implementation of tax solutions;
  • Analysis for the reimbursement of tax credits;
  • Researches and  legal opinions on tax law issues especially related to the expertise areas of the office;
  • Advice to clients about the constant changes in tax laws;
  • Preparation of queries and claims for tax relief against political and public treasure agencies.

Administrative and Judicial Litigation

Development of consistent legal thesis with the objective to protect clients against undue tax or to provide tax effective savings, rendering services in all administrative and judicial spheres, as well as in all instances, including the High Courts.