Private Client & Wealth Advisory

  • Advice on the organization and structuring of investment schemes that are efficient from  corporate, tax and family law standpoints, which includes the use of holding companies, trusts, foundations, open and closed-ended investment funds, exclusive funds, and other corporate devices to aggregate or segregate assets, among others;
  • Assistance with estate planning, including drafting of wills, aiming at securing and disciplining the transfer and division of assets located in Brazil and abroad among heirs;
  • Advice on family and estates disputes related to division of assets, child custody and guardianship;
  • Participation in Family Advisory Councils;
  • Advice on the acquisition, maintenance, leasing and selling of aircraft, boats, real estate and other assets in Brazil and abroad; and
  • Advice on and preparation of Income Tax Returns, registration of foreign investments and ancillary obligations abroad to individuals and Family Offices.